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Logically you know you are safe. You know it is not going to hurt you. You are conscious you are safe, and you should feel fine, but  you don’t. A part of your mind sends very powerful signal of fear. Your heart races, and you are terrified.

Phobia is a Greek word, and is associated with fear. There are people who have phobias of all sort of things: phobia of heights, phobia of flying, phobia of snakes, phobia of clowns, phobia of public speaking, phobia of driving, phobia of subways, to name just a few. There are people who have phobias of even what others consider as lovely pets such as cats.

You can resolve your phobia for good. So why just talk about it, or manage it, and you can resolve it independent of what you are afraid of. So how can you finally let go of your phobia forever?

A solution is to use hypnosis to work directly with the part of your mind that is emitting the signal of fear.That part is the subconscious/emotional part of your mind, which is the part that does not care about the logical reasons why you should feel fine. So the problem should be solved at its root,  where it originates, rather than  just talking about it or learning some techniques to manage it.

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