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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Treatment

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Treatment – Hypnotherapy to Treat Anxiety – Hypnotherapy To Cure Anxiety)

One of the services we offer at our hypnosis and hypnotherapy practice is the treatment of anxiety and depression using hypnotherapy and hypnosis as an effective method of treatment.

If you suffer from Anxiety you should know that you are not alone, that we treat it, and that a rising number of people in Singapore, and in other parts of the world, are increasingly experiencing it, but have successfully sought treatments for it.

We have worked with a large number of clients. Below are examples of feedback from clients who suffered from anxiety and did treatments with us. Our hypnotherapists are certified and highly educated with Masters level degrees from top American universities.

Please contact us via phone, SMS or email us to book your free consultation. You may sign up immediately for the free consultation by filling the form at the top right hand corner on this page. We will be happy to help you, and talk to you in person to explore the array of possibilities to help you get rid of any anxiety and depression issues you suffer from. These issues could be holding you back and lowering your quality of life. You deserve a better life without anxiety or depression: a happy, successful and productive life for yourself, your friends and family.

Hypnotherapy to Address Anxiety and Confidence Challenges: Some Testimonials From Past Clients

Hypnotherapy Works — And Who Would Know Better than Those Who Have Been Through It!

Here is what some of our past clients have had to say about doing hypnotherapy with us for a few selected challenges (note: we work with a multitude of challenges that might not be listed below, so if interested please contact us to find out more). All of the comments from our hypnotherapy clients that are published below are with written and signed consent (all comments are in original form, and grammatical mistakes or misspellings have not been not corrected). Only the initials of both the therapists’ and clients’ names are used here so as to protect therapist-client confidentiality. The original copies, with client written and signed consent, are available for viewing in our office.

” Through these sessions, I’ve learnt a lot about myself. These are fears and self-doubts that I’ve been unable and unwilling to verbalise to myself till now. Now that they have surfaced, I know what are the issues bothering me and now I know what are the steps I need to take to become a better person to the people around me and to attain happiness. I’ve also learnt valuable skills in self-hypnosis and skills on dealing with anxiety, which I will apply in any situation that I may face. Thank you S for your guidance and patience!”

CRS, December 2013

” When I first came to do hypnosis, I was facing anxiety issues. My mind was very cluttered with unnecessary thoughts that was bugging me. After completing the hypnosis sessions, i have learnt many useful tools to help counter my anxiety and even other issues within my life that is currently making me have barriers to achieve what happiness I used to have. I liked how the hypnosis sessions changed my thought process to deal with mental barriers, in ways that I could not have imagined before. The hypnosis sessions are definitely useful for me to do on my own to even reinforce for myself in future situations. My confidence has been restored for the most part, and I am definitely looking to regain all of it back.”

SS, December 2013

“I would like to thank S for her effective and powerful sessions which really transformed my life, renewed my life. I was a negative thinking person, which always tell myself negative commands and feel insecure, worried and nervous almost every day and every time. But after these sessions, I would say these negative feelings and thoughts very, very seldom appear again in my mind. I can control things better and worriedness and nervousness have disappeared. I seldom feel worried and nervous again. I am transforming my life to the better after these sessions. Thanks.”

WWH, December 2013

Since I did hypnosis with S, I have learnt more about myself. I have started understanding myself and realise that I CAN CHANGE. I have the power to change. I learnt about why my old habits have affected the person I am today, and that its not too late to change those habits. I’m learning to love myself, becoming more confident and realising that I deserve love and respect in my life, not only from others but more importantly from myself. I feel empowered! Thank you S!”

SM, November 2013

” S has helped me identify various aspects of myself during the five sessions of hypnotherapy. These sessions have allowed me to understand myself better on a deeper level. S has been very helpful and patient with her approach during these sessions. She enables me to examine the root causes of my anxiety and offers workable solutions for me to practice daily and improve my condition. Thank you.”

N, June 2013

” The sessions had made me more aware of my feelings and how to take control of my feeling/emotion. I feel more confident and stronger now to face my daily challenges. The dialogue with S had also helped me understand better about myself, my feelings and my thoughts. The techniques that I have learnt are also very helpful for me. I can take control of my feelings/emotions now and I am clearer on the path that I need to choose in order to be a happy person. Thank you!”

LN, November 2012

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