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End Nervousness and Blushing Using Hypnosis Therapy

End Your Nervousness, And You Will End Your Blushing

Blushing is a visible sign of nervousness. No nervousness, means no blushing.

You can let go of your nervousness and be yourself again, and you can genuinely resolve your issue with blushing, which results from that nervous, hot, flushed feeling you get when the attention is on you. You can resolve and get rid of it for good, not just talk about it or learn to manage it. You can then be at your best in social situations.

How does solving it work? Let us first look at how it happens. When you are in a social spotlight, logically you know you are safe, and it is not a serious matter if the interaction does not go perfectly, So consciously and rationally, you should feel fine, but you do not. Why is that? There is a part of your mind that sends strong signals of nervousness and heat to some parts of your body. Your thoughts race, and you may really not know what you are saying or doing. Your breathing become less deep, and then goes to being shallow. Blood rushes to your face, ears or neck, and you can turn bright red for all to see, which may compound the problem as you may feel the heat and then imagine what others might be seeing.

A pathway to get rid of the problem is to use hypnosis to work directly with the part of your mind that is sending, but should not, that blushing signal. That part is the subconscious/emotional part of your mind, which is the part that does not care about all the reasons you should feel fine. So it is pathway to genuinely resolve the problem where it is originating rather than just talking about it or learning techniques to manage it.

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