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Hypnotherapy for Relationship Break-Up Divorce

Using Hypnosis to Heal After a Break Up or Divorce

Are you finding it difficult to cope with a relationship break up or a divorce? Do you find yourself constantly dwelling on the failed relationship? Do you feel overwhelmed with feelings of betrayal, insecurity, loneliness, stress, rejection, resentment or anger? Are your feelings about the break up or divorce preventing you from moving ahead in your life?

Can you hypnotize me to forget about someone?

 One of the more common requests we get from clients experiencing overwhelming negative feelings after a break up or divorce is whether they can use hypnotherapy to help them forget the person who caused them to feel hurt, or to forget the painful memories. However, hypnotherapy is not used to erase memories (that would be akin to brainwashing). Instead, hypnotherapy is used to help heal from the emotional trauma and stress caused by the failed relationship.

Why Do Break Up and Divorce Hurt So Bad?

 It is no easy task coping with a relationship break up or a divorce. We invest a lot of our time, energies and emotions into our romantic relationships, building on hopes and dreams for a shared future. When the relationship ends, we can experience a profound sense of loss, grief, disappointment and sadness. Even when there are logical reasons to move away from an unhealthy relationship, the many unknowns (for example: what will life be like without my familiar partner, or will I find love again, or will I be alone forever) that stem from the break up can be emotionally exhausting, and even devastating.

Here are some common symptoms that can be related to unresolved pain or grief due to a failed relationship:

  • Feeling Emotionally Detached or Numb
  • Habitual Replaying of Past Conversations or Memories
  • Debilitating Fear of Getting Hurt Again
  • Obsession with the Lost Lover
  • Grief that Has Not Healed
  • Anger that Doesn’t Dissipate or Transfers to Other People in Your Life
  • Problems with Forgiveness
  • Victim Mentality
  • Insomnia or Stressful Dreams Related to the Break-Up
  • Headaches and Other Physical Problems
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Manifestation or Worsening of Addictions to Numb Emotional Loss and Pain
  • Hopelessness or Depression
  • Feel Like a Part of You is Dead or Gone

For some, the constant dwelling on a failed relationship can even spiral into depression. If you find yourself in such a situation, it might be time to do something about it.

A Broken Heart Doesn’t Have to Affect Your Life Forever

Healing a Break Up or Divorce with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a great tool to deal with the negative emotions stemming from a break up or divorce. Hypnotherapy is most useful in helping (1) to neutralize the negative emotions; (2) to enable one to regain control over one’s life; (3) to gain a much needed sense of closure so as to move ahead in life; (4) to learn and grow stronger from the painful experience (5) and to develop a deep understanding of one’s inner self.

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Feedback from Past Clients Using Hypnotherapy to Address Relationship Challenges

I came to hypnotherapy with an open mind, although friends and family were sceptical. Thanks to S, I am now able to remind myself of the positive things and suggestions I can do for myself. She also made me realise things that were bothering me and hindering my abilities and potential for greater things. So all in all, there are benefits from this experience and I appreciate the professionalism of S, and making me comfortable with sharing and working out my problems. Thank you.

TH, December 2013

From day one, S had been awesome. The amount of time she dedicated and her ability to not only listen but also to extract issues and underlying problems has just surprised me. By the fourth session, I felt a lot more in control and in love with myself and surroundings. Forgiveness to me was key therapy and I’m glad she gave me a chance to forgive some people around me. The last session, which was the best, I feel has got me connected and aligned to self. There has been lots of struggles and confusions, in fact too many that I had lost focus. S’s ability to empathise and allow me to share revealed a lot of the problems, which she identified and helped me to deal/control. S is an awesome therapist and I wish her all great success and many more clients!

K, June 2013

The sessions has helped me to be more positive on how I see things in life. I have slowly turned into becoming a more happy and positive person. I no longer feel so depressed. I am able to control my emotions and not feeling bad about myself anymore. I have started feeling good about myself. I am thankful to have attend this sessions with S. Thank you so much for helping me achieve my important goal that is to move on with life and be more confident that I can do better things in life. THANK YOU!

DA, June 2013

I’m grateful to have found S to be my therapist. I find it comfortable to share with me my inner thoughts and feelings, which is something challenging to me in the first place. I can feel her enthusiasm in helping people. Genuine interest in helping people. After session after session, I gradually found myself to become a happier person. I do not focus so much on my emotions as I did before. I opened up and am not afraid to share things I never thought I’ll did to anyone around me. All in all, I have managed to cover much of the objectives I’ve set at the beginning. Thanks S.

AT, October 2012

I would like to sincerely thank S for helping me focus and to help me understand the root cause of my behaviour. Ever since I’ve started the sessions, I have become happier and I am able to feel positive and keep the good feelings in me. The change in me radiates to the people around me and they are wondering what therapy I’ve gone to make this huge change. I’m able to show my true self to my loved ones now.

DC, October 2012

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