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Hypnotherapy Room To Rent

Hypnotherapy Room To Rent In The Orchard Area In Downtown Singapore

At our  hypnotherapy care centre,  currently available  is a room to rent to a professional  in the health care industry such as therapy, psychology, psychiatry,  counseling or  a closely or complementary field. The rooms at  the centre are spacious, clean, furnished and are very nice. The room to rent is  ideal for a professional such as a hypnotherapist, a dietician, a counselor, hypnotists, and other consultants or professionals in a closed related field. The Centre has all professional amenities including a conference room, a kitchen area among many  other amenities. You may rent the room  on a “pay as you use” basis. We may also arrange for you to potentially have access to the professional  outsourcing services we use for  our internet and advertising  infrastructures (such as the hosting and management of your website and  your online advertising  work).

As you know, the Orchard Area in Singapore is a prime business location and is well located and is convenient to  high net worth professional clients.

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