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Genophobia Treatment

Genophobia  Treatment In Singapore With Trusted Female Hypnotherapists

Genophobia, also called coitophobia, is the fear of sexual relations or sexual intercourse. The word Genophobia comes from the Greek terms genos, meaning “offspring,” and phobos, meaning “fear”. It is common among both genders, and particularly among females.

Genophobia is treatable with hypnotherapy. Our hypnotherapists are females, have years of experience dealing with this particular issue, are trusted and certified, and have advanced university degrees from top universities.

All matters are treated with the utmost  confidentiality and care, so please be assured and comfortable. In addition, we have worked with a significant number of clients to address their particular cases of genophobia.  You will, therefore, benefit from our many years of experience working with a very extensive list of past clients.

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