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Excessive Sweating Treatment With Hypnosis

Excessive Sweating Treatment With Hypnosis

Your excessive sweating could be due to emotions such as anxiety. Your excessive sweating could also be due to a vicious hidden cycle if one point in time you have thought that you were having excessive sweating, then you became ashamed of it, which may have then led to more excessive sweating, which you may then have tried to anticipate its occurrence, therefore creating more of it, in what you thought were potentially embarrassing moments such as social meetings because of your concern that people would notice your excessive sweating. The excessive sweating cycle was thus born! It then became more and more seated in your unconscious mind, and became a habit by repetition.

What was initially just a thought that one has (or may have) excessive sweating has become a habit. It could reinforce itself even further, such as leading one to stay away from potentially embarrassing situations. It could also lead to self-esteem issues for even those who have a legitimate reason to over sweat such as medical reasons.

The good news is that hypnosis can help overcome excessive sweating due to emotions such as anxiety, and prevent the occurrence of the vicious cycle of over sweating described above. Hypnosis also treats self esteem issues that may arise from (perceived or real) excessive sweating.

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So please take your first step to end the excessive sweating that you or someone else have been dealing with. Excessive sweating can be a burden on anyone, so removing the root causes, as well as ending any other issues that result from it(such as lack of self esteem), will help you enjoy life again.

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