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Exam Anxiety Treatment – Exam Phobia in Singapore

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Exam Anxiety Treatment – Exam Phobia in Singapore

In this article we discuss our services for exam anxiety treatment (or exam phobia cures) in Singapore.

Exam phobia is also known by other names such as exam anxiety, test or exam phobia or test or exam anxiety. Exam anxiety/phobia can have significant effects on a student’s grades and the health and well-being  the students or any other person suffering from an exam phobia or fear.

When students suffer from a bad emotional relationship with exams, coursework, and exam conditions, they may suffer from any or all of the following problems:

Disproportionate anxiety during examination periods
Disrupted sleep, or eating patterns
Severe procrastination over revision, and coursework
Bad exam experiences, e.g. panic attacks
Consistently underachieving in exam results

These issues can have a huge negative effect on a student’s academic performance and record, but also cause enormous amounts of stress and unhappiness.

The good news is exam anxiety can be treated. The treatment we provide at our center consists of applying hypnosis therapy to address the exam phobia at the root of where it originates: the subconscious mind! We also help to boost the confidence level of the student, so that he or she is able to eliminate unnecessary fears that prevent one from studying or focusing on the exam.

Our therapy enables students to perform better (academically) and to adopt a right attitude and positive approach to their studies and life.

Exam phobia anxiety can be treated in one to 5 sessions depending on the circumstances of the  individual and the severity of the case. Results can have significant impacts, particularly if one is concerned about the outcome of a major exam in the future.

Our therapy also significantly increases the mental focus, concentration, and memory abilities of clients, which adds to clients’ performance during exams, as well as greater emotional well-being for the student.

Feedback from Past Clients

Hypnotherapy to Address Exam Anxiety, School Stress and Failure Challenges

When I first came I remember I was a total wreck. I was overwhelmed and did not know how to deal with it. At first I thought I came just to deal with this stress and overcome it but after doing the sessions with you, I really feel like I’m a whole new renewed person, that every mistakes I made is a learning experience and it is possible at anytime to change your life and your perspectives on life. From this, I found a new motto in life, that I want to become a better person and it will even make me able to let go of the negative thoughts I’ve been thinking and persuading myself to believe in. I now have more confidence and more hope in life and really learnt so many things I never realised before. Thank you for helping me sort out all my problems and putting it in words for me, always able to accurately pinpoint the reason for my negative thoughts and negative behaviour. I will remember this forever and practice it forever and hopefully become a much better person rather than someone who just wallows in self pity and expects things to happen. Thank you!

CC, November 2013

After the hypnosis sessions, I feel great. Evidently, I am not as stressed as I was before. I am able to concentrate better when studying. I can even sleep better at night. Importantly, I no longer have suicidal thoughts and would not allow for such thoughts to ever occur again. I am now aware and know the things that are within my control and how to move forward, improving it and for those that aren’t in my control, it is important to accept the situation, forgive myself and the external factors. I need to think of positive aspects in every bad situation. I am now more optimistic, motivated and determined than before. Thank you for your guidance. You’d helped me more than those I’d mentioned. Also guiding me to be in better terms with my family.

ND, July 2013

In the beginning, I was full of angst, anger, stress and frustration as I felt overstretched when it comes to studies, giving tuition and managing 3 CCAs. I was fearful and find myself of lower confidence than before so I decided to give hypnotherapy a try. Every session, unknowingly, I felt better and better. I could better isolate my thoughts, and focus more, feel more positive. I felt more in control of my life and feel my self-esteem coming back. As I end my last session, I felt I learnt a life skills for me to cope with any challenges in the future. I learnt to prioritise certain thoughts and decisions in my life by consulting myself in the subconscious mind. Really enjoyed each session.

GT, November 2012

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Below is a copy of an article that address phobias in general. Exam anxiety is just one example of a number of anxieties.

End Your Phobia Forever, Naturally and Safely.

Logically you know you are safe. You know it is not going to hurt you. You are conscious you are safe, and you should feel fine, but you don’t. A part of your mind sends very powerful signal of fear. Your heart races, and you are terrified.

Phobia is a Greek word, and is associated with fear. There are people who have phobias of all sort of things: phobia of heights, phobia of flying, phobia of snakes, phobia of clowns, phobia of public speaking, phobia of driving, phobia of subways, to name just a few. There are people who have phobias of even what others consider as lovely pets such as cats.

You can resolve your phobia for good. So why just talk about it, or manage it, and you can resolve it independent of what you are afraid of. So how can you finally let go of your phobia forever?

A solution is to use hypnosis to work directly with the part of your mind that is emitting the signal of fear. That part is the subconscious/emotional part of your mind, which is the part that does not care about the logical reasons why you should feel fine. So the problem should be solved at its root,  where it originates, rather than  just talking about it or learning some techniques to manage it.

By now you may have had some answers to the questions that you had earlier.

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Looking forward to hearing from you, and to helping you end your phobia issues for good!

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