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Does Hypnosis Work?

Does hypnosis work, is a common question from many would be clients at our hypnosis center. The good news is yes, hypnosis and hypnotherapy does work  for a long list of issues as as a  sample list of feedback from our clients included below demonstrate — The complete feedback list  of feedback is too long to entirely include here,but you will be able to consult it at our offices when you come for your free initial consultation that you will book with one of our top trained and professional hypnotherapists by filling the signup form on this site or calling our phone number or sending us a whastapp message (See the top right hand side of this page).

Please note that the results assume  that hypnosis was done with therapists who are highly educated in formal  university education, preferably with a  Master level degree from  a top worldclass  research university. The latter is a requirement for all the  hypnotherapists working with clients at our practice center, in addition to being certified and very experienced — with many years of experience working with hundreds of clients per year.


Hypnotherapy Works

And Who Would Know Better than Those Who Have Been Through It!

Here is what some of our past clients have had to say about doing hypnotherapy with us for a few selected challenges (note: we work with a multitude of challenges that might not be listed below, so if interested please contact us to find out more). All of the comments from our hypnotherapy clients that are published below are with written and signed consent (all comments are in original form, and grammatical mistakes or misspellings have not been not corrected). Only the initials of both the therapists’ and clients’ names are used here so as to protect therapist-client confidentiality. The original copies, with client written and signed consent, are available for viewing in our office.

Hypnotherapy to Address Anxiety and Confidence Challenges

Through these sessions, I’ve learnt a lot about myself. These are fears and self-doubts that I’ve been unable and unwilling to verbalise to myself till now. Now that they have surfaced, I know what are the issues bothering me and now I know what are the steps I need to take to become a better person to the people around me and to attain happiness. I’ve also learnt valuable skills in self-hypnosis and skills on dealing with anxiety, which I will apply in any situation that I may face. Thank you S for your guidance and patience!

CRS, December 2013

When I first came to do hypnosis, I was facing anxiety issues. My mind was very cluttered with unnecessary thoughts that was bugging me. After completing the hypnosis sessions, i have learnt many useful tools to help counter my anxiety and even other issues within my life that is currently making me have barriers to achieve what happiness I used to have. I liked how the hypnosis sessions changed my thought process to deal with mental barriers, in ways that I could not have imagined before. The hypnosis sessions are definitely useful for me to do on my own to even reinforce for myself in future situations. My confidence has been restored for the most part, and I am definitely looking to regain all of it back.

SS, December 2013

I would like to thank S for her effective and powerful sessions which really transformed my life, renewed my life. I was a negative thinking person, which always tell myself negative commands and feel insecure, worried and nervous almost every day and every time. But after these sessions, I would say these negative feelings and thoughts very, very seldom appear again in my mind. I can control things better and worriedness and nervousness have disappeared. I seldom feel worried and nervous again. I am transforming my life to the better after these sessions. Thanks.

WWH, December 2013

Since I did hypnosis with S, I have learnt more about myself. I have started understanding myself and realise that I CAN CHANGE. I have the power to change. I learnt about why my old habits have affected the person I am today, and that its not too late to change those habits. I’m learning to love myself, becoming more confident and realising that I deserve love and respect in my life, not only from others but more importantly from myself. I feel empowered! Thank you S!

SM, November 2013

S has helped me identify various aspects of myself during the five sessions of hypnotherapy. These sessions have allowed me to understand myself better on a deeper level. S has been very helpful and patient with her approach during these sessions. She enables me to examine the root causes of my anxiety and offers workable solutions for me to practice daily and improve my condition. Thank you.

N, June 2013

The sessions had made me more aware of my feelings and how to take control of my feeling/emotion. I feel more confident and stronger now to face my daily challenges. The dialogue with S had also helped me understand better about myself, my feelings and my thoughts. The techniques that I have learnt are also very helpful for me. I can take control of my feelings/emotions now and I am clearer on the path that I need to choose in order to be a happy person. Thank you!

LN, November 2012

Hypnotherapy to Address Relationship Challenges

S is a friendly and approachable therapist and she has allowed me to see the weaknesses as well as the strengths of my character and what those factors that must be worked on and those that must be rejected. She has really put in an effort to ensure that I’m indeed feeling better and comfortable with myself and kudos to her on her hard work. What I liked about using hypnosis is that I’m able to apply it in everyday life and hopefully improve myself and my life, and that I will achieve the objectives I set out for myself in the beginning.

SL, May 2014

I came to hypnotherapy with an open mind, although friends and family were sceptical. Thanks to S, I am now able to remind myself of the positive things and suggestions I can do for myself. She also made me realise things that were bothering me and hindering my abilities and potential for greater things. So all in all, there are benefits from this experience and I appreciate the professionalism of S, and making me comfortable with sharing and working out my problems. Thank you.

TH, December 2013

From day one, S had been awesome. The amount of time she dedicated and her ability to not only listen but also to extract issues and underlying problems has just surprised me. By the fourth session, I felt a lot more in control and in love with myself and surroundings. Forgiveness to me was key therapy and I’m glad she gave me a chance to forgive some people around me. The last session, which was the best, I feel has got me connected and aligned to self. There has been lots of struggles and confusions, in fact too many that I had lost focus. S’s ability to empathise and allow me to share revealed a lot of the problems, which she identified and helped me to deal/control. S is an awesome therapist and I wish her all great success and many more clients!

K, June 2013

The sessions has helped me to be more positive on how I see things in life. I have slowly turned into becoming a more happy and positive person. I no longer feel so depressed. I am able to control my emotions and not feeling bad about myself anymore. I have started feeling good about myself. I am thankful to have attend this sessions with S. Thank you so much for helping me achieve my important goal that is to move on with life and be more confident that I can do better things in life. THANK YOU!

DA, June 2013

I’m grateful to have found S to be my therapist. I find it comfortable to share with me my inner thoughts and feelings, which is something challenging to me in the first place. I can feel her enthusiasm in helping people. Genuine interest in helping people. After session after session, I gradually found myself to become a happier person. I do not focus so much on my emotions as I did before. I opened up and am not afraid to share things I never thought I’ll did to anyone around me. All in all, I have managed to cover much of the objectives I’ve set at the beginning. Thanks S.

AT, October 2012

I would like to sincerely thank S for helping me focus and to help me understand the root cause of my behaviour. Ever since I’ve started the sessions, I have become happier and I am able to feel positive and keep the good feelings in me. The change in me radiates to the people around me and they are wondering what therapy I’ve gone to make this huge change. I’m able to show my true self to my loved ones now.

DC, October 2012

Hypnotherapy to Address Depression, Negative Thinking and Stress Challenges

Thank you for giving me an outlet to address and confront my repressed feelings. You’ve been incredibly kind and professional, which puts me at ease when I share my emotions. Not only did you make me feel better about myself in general, my negative feelings toward certain people in my life have also dissipated. Overall, I’m happy and grateful for our therapy sessions because they put a lot of things in my life in perspective for me, giving me a better clarity of mind to deal with negative situations I encounter. Also, I’m genuinely a happier person after having had 5 sessions with you, which has drastically improved my quality of life. Thank you once again.

C, October 2014

I was suffer by some family members and was in depression. I lost interest in everything and felt sick. After about the third session, I realised I could not even remember the details of those things which hurt me and I started to understand how to only look on the positive side, not the negative. So now I became happier and even more confident. Really appreciate for what I have been through during the sessions.

JW, October 2014

Thank you S, it’s been a very insightful experience. I have learned a lot about myself and learned how to accept myself as I am. It’s funny because I set out to change the things about myself that I didn’t like. But in the process I had to look at the causes behind these, what was making me feel this way, and what was leading me to do these things. I now know that the power to change is within me and the power to achieve true acceptance. You have a lovely manner and listen so carefully. I really appreciate your professionalism. Thank you and best wishes.

ST, December 2013

I am very happy with the 5 sessions I did with you. While doing this, I experience not having negative thoughts for a week straight, which is unusual for me. My mother notice changes (positive ones) in me, which stands for something. I am also able to fall asleep more easily. Since coming to these sessions, I am glad that I can see exactly where is wrong with my thinking. For example, I realise I want to change how I react to situations instead of that I want to change myself. You asking prompts and asking me to articulate my problems in a better way, also allows me to see exactly where I want to change in. Thank you for the time and effort.

VC, November 2013

The sessions with S have brought up more clearly mu baggage from the past, and brought to light others which I wasn’t aware of. They help me face my deepest fears in the least intimidating manner, something that I’d not been able to do in my wakeful moments. I now have a much clearer sense of myself, my life’s calling, as well as how to go about laying down the foundations to integrate my past, present and future into my being. These sessions have also brought me closer to my spiritual core, which I’d lost sight of for some time prior to coming here. Thank you!

MC, June 2013

I feel that I’ve understood so much of myself. Self aware of how I react to others and the real feeling of why I reacted in that particular manner. S has made me surface my unknowingly suppressed feelings, which I was afraid to face. But through facing the ugly truth, she has taught me how to look at things in a way that does not self inflict my negative thoughts. For example, she helped me see that what happens between others cannot be controlled, but the feelings towards whatever situation that has happened can be controlled, spiritually and mentally. Since I did hypnosis, I feel more carefree and learn not to be worried over minor things. I am more disciplined now when it comes to doing tutorials over the weekends, which has really helped me in understanding further lectures. I’m not that worried of how others would judge me now because who matters is friends and family. Only their judgment matters and not strangers. I learn to be more comfortable in my own kin, and am definitely happier than I was before.

HY, June 2013

Hypnotherapy to Address Exam Anxiety, School Stress and Failure Challenges

When I first came I remember I was a total wreck. I was overwhelmed and did not know how to deal with it. At first I thought I came just to deal with this stress and overcome it but after doing the sessions with you, I really feel like I’m a whole new renewed person, that every mistakes I made is a learning experience and it is possible at anytime to change your life and your perspectives on life. From this, I found a new motto in life, that I want to become a better person and it will even make me able to let go of the negative thoughts I’ve been thinking and persuading myself to believe in. I now have more confidence and more hope in life and really learnt so many things I never realised before. Thank you for helping me sort out all my problems and putting it in words for me, always able to accurately pinpoint the reason for my negative thoughts and negative behaviour. I will remember this forever and practice it forever and hopefully become a much better person rather than someone who just wallows in self pity and expects things to happen. Thank you!

CC, November 2013

After the hypnosis sessions, I feel great. Evidently, I am not as stressed as I was before. I am able to concentrate better when studying. I can even sleep better at night. Importantly, I no longer have suicidal thoughts and would not allow for such thoughts to ever occur again. I am now aware and know the things that are within my control and how to move forward, improving it and for those that aren’t in my control, it is important to accept the situation, forgive myself and the external factors. I need to think of positive aspects in every bad situation. I am now more optimistic, motivated and determined than before. Thank you for your guidance. You’d helped me more than those I’d mentioned. Also guiding me to be in better terms with my family.

ND, July 2013

In the beginning, I was full of angst, anger, stress and frustration as I felt overstretched when it comes to studies, giving tuition and managing 3 CCAs. I was fearful and find myself of lower confidence than before so I decided to give hypnotherapy a try. Every session, unknowingly, I felt better and better. I could better isolate my thoughts, and focus more, feel more positive. I felt more in control of my life and feel my self-esteem coming back. As I end my last session, I felt I learnt a life skills for me to cope with any challenges in the future. I learnt to prioritise certain thoughts and decisions in my life by consulting myself in the subconscious mind. Really enjoyed each session.

GT, November 2012

Hypnotherapy for Children with Challenges

I feel happier because I feel more confident of doing anything I want and I like, everywhere I am. Thank you.

AM (11 years old who faced anxiety), September 2014

I feel happy to see changing in positive way from AM, develop in confidence and in social life also.

AM‘s mother

I find myself feeling happier and more enthusiastic after the sessions. The relaxation techniques really helped me a lot and self hypnosis had benefited me in many ways. I can now be able to accept myself for who I am and I thank my hypnotherapist for helping me.

LMH (13 years old facing anxiety), August 2014

Hypnotherapy to Address Eating Disorder Challenges

Before starting the hypnosis sessions, I felt negative all the time and I would give in to any negative thoughts that pops into my mind. Now I am able to think clearly and distinguish the negative thoughts and block them because they are not good for me. I have been eating more healthily and exercising more regularly. I have also come to accept myself and have more hope for my future. All in all, I have become a much happier and positive person.

VC, December 2013

Hypnotherapy to Address Sexual Challenges

The sessions have been of great benefit. I can now clearly see what my issues are, how they arose and how they can be overcome. This is very powerful. Ultimately, there is no quick fix, it takes time and effort. These sessions put you on the right path, they clarify your thinking and they give you the tools to make very positive changes. Also, I feel more stable, calmer and much more aware of myself after these sessions. Overall, you gain a sense of optimism and reduced negativity.

J, September 2014

Hypnotherapy to Address Fear of Flying Challenges

I liked using hypnosis as a very relaxing, passive and deeply addressing issues, whatever they are. It’s good as well to make a summary of past events and how to transform them so that they don’t affect one’s self in a negative way anymore in the future, so one can have a fresh start. Great to learn the conditioning, relaxing, visualizing and motivation techniques to continue the work in the future. Thanks!

BM, November 2013

Hypnotherapy to Address Public Speaking Challenges

S is great, patient and helpful in getting me to overcome my anxiety for presentations. I have come out of the sessions feeling confident and worry-free when making presentations.

JH, December 2013

My stress level has went down a lot after going through the sessions as I realised that some of the stress was actually due to my own thoughts and feelings. I now feel more confident and have been able to sleep well. Thanks a lot.

NKY, November 2013

First of all, I’d like to thank S for being my therapist. Through a couple of sessions, I learnt to relax my mind, my negative emotions has been lessened and I feel more in control of myself. S is a very patient therapist and is genuine toward my needs of relieving my anxiety emotion. The techniques recommended have also helped me a lot in overcoming my fears. Thanks once again.

FA, October 2013

Hypnotherapy to Address Addiction Challenges

I came to do the hypnosis with only one objective in mind and that was to be able to stop drinking alcohol. I have so far already achieved this with S’s help. What I didn’t realise was that there were several other aspects of my life that I could also change for the better and working with S has helped me identify those areas and make steps towards positive change not only with not drinking but also with going back to exercise that I love that I had neglected for a long time. Hypnosis may seem to be a very alternative way of “healing” and I definitely did not know what to expect, but the process has been very clearly set out, easy to follow and something that I will be able to continue on my own with the aim to continue improving my life, health and relationship. Than you very much for your help!

JP, October 2014

Hypnotherapy to Address Anger Challenges

Since I did hypnosis with you, I felt more confident in myself. Most importantly, I can better manage my anger. My girlfriend was happy that I am now able to handle our relationship better by controlling myself whenever I feel like getting angry. I also learn how to stop the negative thoughts. By doing so, I have more positive thoughts. This makes my life more happier. Thanks.

WN, June 2013

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