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Basic Self Hypnosis Course

Self Hypnosis Course

Our hypnosis and hypnotherapy center regularly holds self hypnosis courses. The courses are held approximately once a month, and are typically conducted on a weekend (typically on Saturdays). The duration is 3.5 hours.

The course fee includes course notes and quality light refreshments.

For more information on the exact dates and times the next self hypnosis courses and/or to reserve a seat, please fill the form below or call/SMS us or email us at our phone number and email addresses which are available on this site at the top right hand side of this page.

What is Self-Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is described as a state of altered consciousness characterized by deep relaxation and increased focus. The focus associated with hypnosis can be so intense that other cues in the environment are ignored, or completely shut out of consciousness. Increased suggestibility is also thought to be associated with a hypnotic state, because a person is detached from his or her usual ability to judge and criticize. Self-hypnosis refers to the process of reaching this state by self-suggestion. Self-hypnosis can be used for self-improvement and personal growth, as well as psychological wellness.

Benefits of Self-Hypnosis

Practicing self-hypnosis can be beneficial in many profound ways: to rid onself of old habits and addictions; improve one’s mood; improve relationships; help to reduce stress, increase confidence; improve study habits and exam performance; heal from stress-induced illnesses; answer one’s calling in life; bring one’s highest philosophies and beliefs into one’s everyday life.

Our Self-Hypnosis Courses

It can be frustrating to learn self-hypnosis from a book or a video, especially if you are attempting it for the first time. But when you learn it under the guidance of a professional hypnotherapist, you receive the proper instruction so that you know you are achieving a proper level of hypnosis so as to benefit from it.

Now, you can master the techniques of self-hypnosis by participating in our upcoming course. Anyone can learn this process and use it to make powerful changes in their lives. The process is simple, yet profound in its ability to help one move along in life, moving one past old blockages to success.

The basic self-hypnosis course consists of:

  • How the mind works
  • How hypnosis works
  • How to induce self-hypnosis
  • How to construct hypnotic suggestions to make the changes that you desire
  • How to understand your inner mind and unleash your hidden potentials
  • How to achieve deep mental and physical relaxation for optimal health
  • Guided hypnosis session
  • Self-hypnosis training

NOTE: We keep our class size small to give participants our maximum attention, so please contact us to reserve your seat today to avoid disappointment!

Text us at 9-693-7111 or email hypnosissingapore@gmail.com to indicate your interest or to ask for more information.

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