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Agoraphobia Treatment

Agoraphobia  is extreme or irrational fear of crowded spaces or enclosed public places. It is treatable with hypnotherapy. Please signup for a free consultation with one of our hypnotherapists by filling up the signup box  in this website — or by emailing, calling or texting us. The contact information is to your right on this page. Please do not panic as everything will be alright. Just do signup, and  a therapist will be glad to contact you, speak to you, email you, or meet with you–Whichever contact mean you prefer will be fine with our therapists. What is important is that your are taken care of  in your agoraphobia treatment that we will be glad to help you with.

Agoraphobia  is a panic disorder in which a person has attacks of intense fear and anxiety. There is also a fear of being in places where it is hard to escape, or where help might not be available.  You will learn from our hypnotherapists, why you feel that way, and how that fear will be work on so that it is naturally removed and you return to  a normal life routine without Agoraphobia.

Anxiety Disorder Treatment With Hypnosis Therapy (or Hypnotherapy)

People may experience anxiety when confronted with something they are scared of, such as doing something new or something they perceive as having significant impact on their lives such as attending a job interview. Whilst anxiety is an emotion that we all generally experience, for some others, it may be felt at extreme levels, and at an intensity and duration that significantly impacts their lives. In such cases, one can be said to be suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Types of Anxiety Disorders

There are a number of anxiety disorder types, which are referred to by various names such as phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder etc.

Anxiety disorder symptoms can be felt or observed at the physical, mental and behavioral levels. We can discuss them with you at the free consultation that we offer our potential clients, which is typically done at our hypnotherapy center, or we can also discuss them with you over a phone consultation (which is also free).

The good news is that anxiety disorders can be treated. Even the everyday mild anxiety that one may experience prior to events such as a job interview, or an important presentation to a corporate board, may be treated so as not to impact one’s performance and health. For example. we have helped a number of clients who used our services to address anxiety issues in their preparation to make important presentations to board members or to important clients.

What is Hypnosis Therapy (or Hypnotherapy)

Hypnosis therapy (also known as hypnotherapy) addresses anxiety at the level of the unconscious mind where the root causes that trigger it reside. The treatment of anxiety disorders with hypnotherapy vary depending on what is feared, how one responds to anxiety, and whether one has had a major life event that may be linked to his current anxiety. Such major life events are found during the hypnotherapy sessions, and their effect on anxiety is then treated.

Feedback from Past Clients With Anxiety Challenges

Through these sessions, I’ve learnt a lot about myself. These are fears and self-doubts that I’ve been unable and unwilling to verbalise to myself till now. Now that they have surfaced, I know what are the issues bothering me and now I know what are the steps I need to take to become a better person to the people around me and to attain happiness. I’ve also learnt valuable skills in self-hypnosis and skills on dealing with anxiety, which I will apply in any situation that I may face. Thank you S for your guidance and patience!

CRS, December 2013

When I first came to do hypnosis, I was facing anxiety issues. My mind was very cluttered with unnecessary thoughts that was bugging me. After completing the hypnosis sessions, i have learnt many useful tools to help counter my anxiety and even other issues within my life that is currently making me have barriers to achieve what happiness I used to have. I liked how the hypnosis sessions changed my thought process to deal with mental barriers, in ways that I could not have imagined before. The hypnosis sessions are definitely useful for me to do on my own to even reinforce for myself in future situations. My confidence has been restored for the most part, and I am definitely looking to regain all of it back.

SS, December 2013

I would like to thank S for her effective and powerful sessions which really transformed my life, renewed my life. I was a negative thinking person, which always tell myself negative commands and feel insecure, worried and nervous almost every day and every time. But after these sessions, I would say these negative feelings and thoughts very, very seldom appear again in my mind. I can control things better and worriedness and nervousness have disappeared. I seldom feel worried and nervous again. I am transforming my life to the better after these sessions. Thanks.

WWH, December 2013

S has helped me identify various aspects of myself during the five sessions of hypnotherapy. These sessions have allowed me to understand myself better on a deeper level. S has been very helpful and patient with her approach during these sessions. She enables me to examine the root causes of my anxiety and offers workable solutions for me to practice daily and improve my condition. Thank you.

N, June 2013

Free Hypnosis Consultation

We offer a free hypnosis consultation to discuss how we might help you or a loved one who is experiencing anxiety related issues. The consultation is at no obligation to you, and we trust it will be worthwhile to you. So please feel free to call us at 9-693-7111 or leave your contact information at the contact form below this page (there is also a contact form on the top right side of this page — so scroll up if you do not see it).

We offer you this free information via the one-to-one consultation with one of our professional and certified therapists so that you may discover how our services can help you to change your life for the better and to help you feel great about yourself because you deserve it!

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